I strive…


…to live my life as a reflection of who Shannon was. By being kind and loving to friends and family, new and old. I can honor her by doing ALL things with great love. I will pour my WHOLE heart into EVERYTHING I do… that way, she is always with me <3 Download here: AllThings8x10

You are loved… more than you ever know!


I am feeling so….. blessed tonight! Colleen B. and I chatted about it and thought we should keep up the printables. We feel like we have already made some REALLY amazing friends through this new mission of ours, and want to THANK YOU for joining us on this adventure! We cannot WAIT to see pics of our tee’s on your kids. And we REALLY can’t wait to hear how they make an impact on others All for now! You can download as an 11×17 or 8×10 xoxo Colleen & Colleen DOWNLOAD HERE! 8×10 Printable:Loved8x10 11×17 Printable: Loved11x17

Mama Said… Keep your eyes on the stars <3


Hey guys If you are here it means that you probably and likely have an invested interest in 1) really cute apparel and 2) spreading messages of kindness and love to our children!! THANKS for stopping by! SO glad you are here! This is Colleen O’Malia Stine and I am 1 of the 2 Colleens of @MamaSaidTees. I am a certified diamond grader who once worked for the FABULOUS Tacori (yes! Like the GORGEOUS engagement rings and jewelry) turned stay at home mommy My husband would have loved for me to just stay home when we had our son, but… Read More