Small Things. Great Love.

This has always been my very favorite quote I like to believe that everything I do, I do with love. My mom and my husband always say that my heart is MUCH bigger than my wallet. And SO is my imagination! But sometimes, all you can do are small things (that cost nothing). I have learned that sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Tiny things that touch your heart and keep you warm.  And if you put love into even the little things, like sidewalk chalk with your son, you will fill a heart with… Read More

You are loved… more than you ever know!


I am feeling so….. blessed tonight! Colleen B. and I chatted about it and thought we should keep up the printables. We feel like we have already made some REALLY amazing friends through this new mission of ours, and want to THANK YOU for joining us on this adventure! We cannot WAIT to see pics of our tee’s on your kids. And we REALLY can’t wait to hear how they make an impact on others All for now! You can download as an 11×17 or 8×10 xoxo Colleen & Colleen DOWNLOAD HERE! 8×10 Printable:Loved8x10 11×17 Printable: Loved11x17

Mama Said… Keep your eyes on the stars <3


Hey guys If you are here it means that you probably and likely have an invested interest in 1) really cute apparel and 2) spreading messages of kindness and love to our children!! THANKS for stopping by! SO glad you are here! This is Colleen O’Malia Stine and I am 1 of the 2 Colleens of @MamaSaidTees. I am a certified diamond grader who once worked for the FABULOUS Tacori (yes! Like the GORGEOUS engagement rings and jewelry) turned stay at home mommy My husband would have loved for me to just stay home when we had our son, but… Read More

You’re gonna miss this…


Whenever I am at my wits end, whether it seems that everything is falling apart, my son is having a melt down, or my 8 month old daughter is STILL not sleeping through the night, I do something kind of silly. I sing this song (LOUDLY if I need to drown out other noises, or as a lullaby if it’s 3am) and I remind myself that someday, I WILL MISS THIS! I will miss all of it and wish to have it back if only for a day. I will wish for my daughter to need me in the middle… Read More

Thinking outside of the {print} box! & HAPPY RACE WEEKEND!

1 copy

I have had an amazingly successful, fun, and adventurous almost 2.5 years as owner of CoCo Stine Designs. What started out as a “side gig” and a way for me to contribute to my family’s financial welfare has turned into so much more! Icing on the cake = I get to stay home with my kiddos!!! I will reach 8,000 sales very soon and I couldn’t not be happier with the way things are going right now. SO why not stir it up a bit?!?!?! So excited to announce that I will be teaming up with Mobili-tees out of St…. Read More

Teachers who love teaching – Printable ;)


  For those of you who are scrambling for that last minute teacher gift, here is a gift from me!!! I would like to dedicate this to my 2 amazing sisters, Janet (amazing VP of Saint Louis de Montfort Catholic School in Fishers, IN) and Shannon (beloved 2nd grade teacher at… the SAME school– also the person who suggested I DO a print with this saying ;), my daddy who was at one time a teacher and NOW teaches Corporate Culture and Customer Service in the Indy area, and lastly my mom; the greatest teacher of my life! Not to… Read More

My son sets a world record!! The never ending bedtime routine :)


I know there are a lot of parents out there who will be able to relate to this post, and I take comfort knowing I am not alone when it comes to the never ending bed time routine. My son is 2 (and a half(!), he exclaims), and he has mastered the science of dragging out numerous activities by proposing things like: “5 minutes, mommy” or “one more book, you weed”, “one more show, I PWOMISE”, “pway back yard… PWWEEEEASE!”. I, like many of you, have a hard time saying “no” to such sweet, innocent, lovable requests. But lately, I… Read More

Bring your own sunshine :)

I believe in so many things. For one, I believe in God and I believe in the power of prayer. No matter what, I believe He is listening and that He loves me. I also believe that it is the little things in life that truly make a difference (flash a smile, lend a hand, offer support, drink a diet coke if it will make your day better, etc). I believe in literally and actually singing Darius Rucker’s “It won’t be like this for long” when my children have me at my wits end I feel like pulling my hair… Read More