Put your heart into… everything <3

One of the things my mom has told me over the years (over and OVER again!) is that “the grass is not always greener on the other side.” She found ways to apply this to many facets and aspects of my life, and it turns out, she was usually right. I re-read “The Best of Me” over the last week plus and saw this quote for the 2nd time. It made me smile because it couldn’t be more true.

If only we could all just “water” our “grass” a little more, we may not be seeking the “other side”. You HAVE to put IN what you expect to get OUT. This applies to everything! So do yourself a favor and look at the glass half full. Give compliments, Take some time for you. Take some time for your kids, your family, your siblings, your parents, what have you. Do something that makes YOU better. Whatever that may be! Water your soul :) Put your heart into all that you do. And I PROMISE you! Your grass will be the greenest it has ever been <3 ¬†Enjoy my free printable!


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