Small Things. Great Love.


This has always been my very favorite quote :) I like to believe that everything I do, I do with love. My mom and my husband always say that my heart is MUCH bigger than my wallet. And SO is my imagination! But sometimes, all you can do are small things (that cost nothing). I have learned that sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Tiny things that touch your heart and keep you warm.  And if you put love into even the little things, like sidewalk chalk with your son, you will fill a heart with happiness, make an impact on someone’s life & you will change your own. It is so easy to forget how your attitude can change SO MUCH about SO MANY things in your life!

For instance, take this journey of ours. It started out REALLY small. As in… 1 week ago Colleen and I had 2 followers on IG: ourselves! And now, we have reached a goal we weren’t sure would ever happen — 1,000 followers! But because we put ALL of our LOVE (GREAT LOVE!) {AND a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and PASSION and HOPE and FAITH} into this brand, setting ourselves apart, and making a difference, we have surprised ourselves and even made an impression on our own lives. Over the past week, I have heard myself say kinder things to my children. I have felt myself take deep breaths when I might have lost it otherwise. I have been in the moment, more than ever, remembering that it won’t be like this for long.

I challenge all of you to do small things with all the love in your heart. Whether it’s smiling at a stranger, texting a friend to check in, calling your mom to tell her that you love her, or remembering someone you have lost: fill your heart so full of love you could burst!

Thanks for reading, and downloading our printable :) We love you!!! Oh and YOU, Mother Teresa. You rock!xoxo Colleen & Colleen @MamaSaidTees :)

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