You’re gonna miss this…

Whenever I am at my wits end, whether it seems that everything is falling apart, my son is having a melt down, or my 8 month old daughter is STILL not sleeping through the night, I do something kind of silly. I sing this song (LOUDLY if I need to drown out other noises, or as a lullaby if it’s 3am) and I remind myself that someday, I WILL MISS THIS! I will miss all of it and wish to have it back if only for a day. I will wish for my daughter to need me in the middle of the night. I will miss my snotty nose 2 year old wiping his snot on my shirt crying into my sleeve begging me to hold him. I will miss the messes, tripping over toys in the bathtub, and all of the things that slowly drive me insane on a day to day work at home mom basis!

I live by these mottos (or I TRY to): Don’t blink. It won’t be like this for long. Take mental photos. All of these things help keep me in check and remind me that these really are the best days of my life :)

This print is in my house and I hope you will all enjoy it, even if just virtually, as a reminder that this is temporary. Tomorrow is only a day away… but don’t wish away today with the ones you love most!


Colleen 1 Click Here for PDF of You’re gonna miss this!

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