Hope, Faith & Miracles

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on here, and tonight I don’t have much energy, but I just had to type. I have discovered that what I “do” is very therapeutic for me. It helps me help others, it helps me help my family, and it helps me keep Shannon’s memory alive. I found this quote on Pinterest and just HAD to create a printable!


This weekend there was a 5K race (that she usually ran) in her honor. It was the 2 month anniversary of her death (coincidence) and it was appropriately named the Shannon Smiles 5K. At the end of the race as everybody gathered around, this PERFECT, UPSIDE down SMILING rainbow appeared in the bright blue sky. There was NO rain. NO explanation other than that Shannon was trying to send us a message that she was OK. I truly didn’t know how much I NEEDED that message until I received it. It was beautiful. I miss her SO much that sometimes I cannot breathe. The pain can be unbearable and binding and suffocating. Usually at night, or 1st thing in the morning. Those are the hardest times for me. But I felt a sense of peace I have not felt the past 60 days when I saw her smile in the sky that cannot be explained other than that she was RIGHT there beside me. I have to believe she always is.


In addition to the rainbow, there were white clouds in the shape of a dove just above it. I looked up the symbolism of a dove on Wikipedia and got this: Doves, usually white in color, are used in a variety of settings as symbols of love, peace or as messengers.

WOW. How faith-restoring? How amazing? What a miracle. This printable is dedicated to my beautiful sister, to my friend Meg and her family, and a high school friend who needs our prayers. Thank you all for reading my post. Doug and I are going to San Francisco on Tuesday (it was my 30th birthday/5 year wedding anniversary gift!) and I am hoping for many more signs on the trip :)

xoxoxo Colleen

OH! Enjoy your free printable: HopeFaithMiracles8x10

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