Teachers who love teaching – Printable ;)


For those of you who are scrambling for that last minute teacher gift, here is a gift from me!!! I would like to dedicate this to my 2 amazing sisters, Janet (amazing VP of Saint Louis de Montfort Catholic School in Fishers, IN) and Shannon (beloved 2nd grade teacher at… the SAME school– also the person who suggested I DO a print with this saying ;), my daddy who was at one time a teacher and NOW teaches Corporate Culture and Customer Service in the Indy area, and lastly my mom; the greatest teacher of my life! Not to mention, my teacher friends, my son’s teachers and all of the other teachers who have impacted me in my lifetime, namely: Mr. Obergfel, Mrs. Freiburger, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Gasket, Professor Pici & Professor Wiget and all other teachers who took me seriously long enough to get through to me :) See link below for download!
1 click here: TEACHERPDF (print at Office Depot on 100lb paper, or Kinkos 80lb!)

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