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I am SO excited about my new blog/website (THANKS to the insanely talented Casey from Sugar Studios) and have just needed a few moments to myself to write my first post. In light of Valentines Day and also because he has been my biggest, fan, helper and supporter throughout this entrepreneurial endeavorer, I am dedicating it to my husband, Doug. Last night we enjoyed a super fun and delicious Valentines Dinner OUT while my mom was in town to babysit. These nights out being just the 2 of us are few and far between these days as they should be, and looking at him from across the table last night brought me so much happiness. I felt so complete even though just half of me was there (the other half was playing with their mom mom at home) and made me think back to the very beginning of our relationship when it was just us. How I thought those days were SO incredibly tough because we lived 6 hours apart, but so perfect and wonderful because I loved him more than anything and he was my dream come true. I often thought it couldn’t possibly get harder or better all at the same time. But it has gotten better. And it has also gotten harder. I like to think of it as a “balanced” life. 7+ years later and 2 kids to boot, we find joys in much simpler pleasures like watching Parks and Recreation together and pausing to laugh at whatever Ron Swanson just said. Or listening to our son tell us a story by stringing some babbling together mixed with real words and ending with “BIG TRUCKS!”. Or watching him love his baby sister more than we ever dreamed or prayed possible. These things are worth so much more to both of us than any trip, any THING or anyone else in the world. And when I lose track of this and am up until 1 am working because I don’t have a desk job or time to myself EVER or normal hours or much help, he reminds me how lucky I am to do what I do and texts me from work the next day #bestmomintheworld and brings me home a big fat diet coke from McDonalds or a frosty or a RedBox. He reminds me that I am living both my personal dream of being a stay at home mom all while fulfilling a dream to help our family’s well being. And that makes me have a cheerful, happy heart. I AM so lucky to do what I do and wouldn’t trade if for the world! I love you, Doug. And I meant what I said last night: I am so glad I met you. Even though you annoy me sometimes and EVEN though you admitted that I annoy you approximately once a year. Which I’m actually kind of glad you did because that means I am always right when I say/ask “I’m annoying you, aren’t I?” and you flatly deny it. ;) Life is not a fairytale as you must often remind me, but I love our life together. Thanks for still making me laugh today. Don’t know what I’d do without your “Dougisms”. xoxo. So much!



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