Mama Said… Keep your eyes on the stars <3


Hey guys If you are here it means that you probably and likely have an invested interest in 1) really cute apparel and 2) spreading messages of kindness and love to our children!! THANKS for stopping by! SO glad you are here! This is Colleen O’Malia Stine and I am 1 of the 2 Colleens of @MamaSaidTees. I am a certified diamond grader who once worked for the FABULOUS Tacori (yes! Like the GORGEOUS engagement rings and jewelry) turned stay at home mommy My husband would have loved for me to just stay home when we had our son, but… Read More

So much!


I am SO excited about my new blog/website (THANKS to the insanely talented Casey from Sugar Studios) and have just needed a few moments to myself to write my first post. In light of Valentines Day and also because he has been my biggest, fan, helper and supporter throughout this entrepreneurial endeavorer, I am dedicating it to my husband, Doug. Last night we enjoyed a super fun and delicious Valentines Dinner OUT while my mom was in town to babysit. These nights out being just the 2 of us are few and far between these days as they should be, and looking at him from… Read More