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I was reminded today after running into a person who was a major part of my life for a very long time, that there really is not a whole lot more important than being kind. No matter what. Life is just too short. Then I saw this quote on Pinterest and decided to play around with it. Please download and enjoy! xoxo C Download here! BeKind8x10 PS. This is dedicated to my 525 girls. IGFILP and PP4L!! THANKS For the series of hilarious texts today. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

I strive…


…to live my life as a reflection of who Shannon was. By being kind and loving to friends and family, new and old. I can honor her by doing ALL things with great love. I will pour my WHOLE heart into EVERYTHING I do… that way, she is always with me <3 Download here: AllThings8x10

Spread Love

Spread Love 8x10 Printable

I received a special gift from a dear friend out of the blue today, and it really made me want to do something for others. So to pay it forward, I created this design as a free printable :) This quote was posted on my sister’s memorial page on Facebook this morning, and I just fell in love. I hope you will print it out and hang it somewhere to remind yourself to SPREAD LOVE! xoxo Colleen S. | | Click here to download! —> SpreadLove8x10

Going Forward <3


I truly cannot begin to round up enough versions or languages of “THANK YOU” to convey the thanks in my heart and the hearts of my family & the Greenes for all you have done to support us during this time. We aren’t sure we are anywhere near accepting what has happened, or believing it still… but we know that we couldn’t do this without all of you. Connor & Danny started school this week. Football is well underway and they are loving it! It is with the support of their friends and the AMAZING family & staff at SLDM that… Read More

Update on the outpouring of LOVE for Shannon!


Wow. The only thing that can explain how I am sitting here, writing this, after all that has happened, is that Shannon is still with me. She MUST be. Well she and God, of course. Because I feel surrounded by SO MUCH love and am being lifted by so many prayers… I know that we can make it. We must… for the boys and for her memory. My family and I want to thank you for EVERYTHING. It is the little things that add up to be the biggest most important things — my mantra “do small things with great love” (thank… Read More

Shannon Smiles


 ||| —> Let Your Smile Change the World (tee) —> 100% of proceeds go to Connor & Danny Hall ||| One week ago today, my world was turned upside down when I got a phone call from my mom in Indiana (I was at home bathing my kids in St. Louis). I can’t remember details, but I do remember hearing my mom crying and made out the words, “she’s gone. Shannon is gone. You need to come home.” I still haven’t accepted it or been able to wrap my head around the fact that I will never see her beautiful… Read More

Love Like Crazy


I’m a pretty huge country fan, and this song is definitely in my top 5 fave songs of all time If you don’t know it, check it out! (LOVE LIKE CRAZY – Lee Brice) Anyhow. I lost my cousin very unexpectedly this weekend and it has really put things into perspective. I was asked to do his eulogy today, and took some time to listen to some inspirational songs to get the writing juices going! I just want to be the BEST mom, wife, friend, daughter, aunt and sister that I can be and not lose sight of what is important…. Read More

Small Things. Great Love.

This has always been my very favorite quote I like to believe that everything I do, I do with love. My mom and my husband always say that my heart is MUCH bigger than my wallet. And SO is my imagination! But sometimes, all you can do are small things (that cost nothing). I have learned that sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Tiny things that touch your heart and keep you warm.  And if you put love into even the little things, like sidewalk chalk with your son, you will fill a heart with… Read More